Dear Guardians,

thank you for your dedication and hard work monitoring Argentinas forests. Without you, Forest Guardians doesn’t exist, and we are super proud of having you work alongside us!

Unfortunately, since the moment Google discontinued support for Silverlight in its Chrome browser, we have seen participation fall enormously. Without the Chrome users we don’t have critical mass anymore.

Therefore, we have decided to retire the current Guardians 2 platform, in order to focus on getting Guardians 3 from beta to “ready for prime”.

The winners of the most recent competition are renelataire (for Salta) and tito_el_dalmata (for Chaco). Congratulations, and enjoy your prizes!

The leaderboard at closing of this competition was as follows:

Thank you all!

For those interested in having a look at the raw data, the dataset generated by the Guardians community can be downloaded here. Finally, both the source code of G2 and the latest database dump are available to anybody who wants to use them, as open source on Github.